About Phâro Rose Gold Collection

Gold has long been known for its many beneficial properties, particularly its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory characteristics.

Well reputed for restoring the lost elasticity properties of the tissues, gold also slows down collagen depletion and the breakdown of elastin to prevent sagging skin.

The power of precious minerals has a tremendous influence on the skin cells when combined with Phâro facial massage it provides the client a rejuvenating treatment working on the facial muscles and deep layers of the skin. Phâro 24 Carat Gold Facial Treatment leaves the skin visibly rejuvenated and radiant.

10 Steps to the Most Luxurious Facial Treatment

  1. Cleanse the face with the Phâro Pre-treatment Skin Cleanser & Toner.
  2.  (Optionally) Sugar the face with Phâro Organic Warm Gel to remove facial hair and exfoliate the skin.
  3.  With the Phâro Gold Floral Water hydrate and soothe the skin with a gentle spray. Rub in gently over the face, eyelids, ears, and temples and keep the skin moist.
  4.  With the Phâro Exfoliant & Massage Oil exfoliate areas of the face that are not sugared to deep cleanse and remove dead skin while allowing the Coconut Oil to soften the skin.
  5.  Using the oil from the Phâro Exfoliant & Massage Oil massage the skin using Phâro facial massage routine.
  6.  Gently work in the Phâro Infused Facial Serum into the skin.
  7. Place the Phâro 24 Carat Gold Leaves on the face and décolleté.
  8. Use the Phâro Golden Pulse Facial Massager over the Gold Leaves on the skin.
  9. Spray the Phâro Floral Rose Water alternately between using the Phâro Golden Pulse Facial Massager.
  10. Pre-soak the Phâro 24 Carat Gold Konjac Sponge in water, squeeze out thoroughly and spray with Phâro Gold Floral Water before rubbing it into the skin to remove excess gold into the box. Place the sponge back in the box as a gift to the customer.