Waxing VS Sugaring

As one of the market leaders and biggest producers of natural sugaring product the Pharo Sugaring System, we of course would always say yes! But if you’re a salon professional OR someone who loves the luxury of reduced pain hair removal and smoother skin that lasts for longer, we want to share with you a number of proven ways sugaring comes out number 1.

So whether you love waxing OR you’re a beauty professional looking to get better results for your clients, take a look at WHY Sugaring is becoming the number 1 choice around the world!

Waxing VS Sugaring

  1. Sugaring and waxing are very different. Our formula is made of natural ingredients such as sugar, manuka honey and lemon juice. There’s no nasty plastics or resins which can heat up and cause burns or create irritation. We believe natural is always best.
  2. Sugaring doesn’t pull at the skin in the same way as wax. This means it’s better for those sensitive areas, including the face – an area you certainly don’t want to be pulling at or stretching! It’s a more gentle treatment and many people have commented that a Pharo Sugaring treatment is a lot more comfortable than waxing.
  3. Better for your skin, better for your health! Your skin is your biggest organ and harmful substances can be absorbed through the skin and enter the bloodstream. Any products that contain plastics, which many waxes do, may put you at risk of being affected by BPA’s. BPA’s are known for being endocrine disruptors which can upset the balance of your hormones. If you care about your health, go natural!
  4. Pain reduction. Traditional waxing uses either muslin strips or wax is left to harden on the skin before hair is removed. Some people find this very uncomfortable! Our system remains soft and pliable for a comfortable experience!
  5. Wax removal can often be harsh and result in hair breakage. When the hair breaks under the skin’s surface, the hair that grows in thereafter gets trapped, causing an ingrown! OUCH!
  6. You don’t need to grow hair LONG. Hair only needs to be 1/8th inch long to be sugared, and results last up to 6 weeks! If performed regularly, this treatment can slow production of hair growth and can lead to permanency!
  7. Temperature is everything! Wax needs to be heated to between 60-70 degrees, which can potentially burn and irritate sensitive skins or be rather uncomfortable for others. Pharo Sugaring products only need to be heated to 45-50 degrees, resulting in a much more comfortable experience. This is particularly important for young and older clients
  8. Easy clean up. Sugaring is water soluble, meaning any leftover residue washes straight off the skin AND salon professionals: the solution washes straight off towels and tables, meaning you’re not wasting thousands of dollars every year replacing your linen! The clean up process is simple and very cheap compared to the harsh chemicals used to clean up waxes. What’s not to love?

Hair removal using Pharo Sugaring is a gentle, and effective exfoliating treatment that leaves your skin silky, sweet and smooth after the process. This makes sugaring a preferred method, suitable for sensitive skin types AND for Salon professionals ready to take their clients experience to the next level!

So: are you ready to give it a try? Contact us today!

The Pharo Sugaring System: made from renewable, natural ingredients, designed to look after your skin….naturally.