Product Differences

Phâro Warm Gel

  • Use for general all body hair removal
  • Spatula or cartridge applicator

The Phâro Warm Gel has a lower operating temperature of approximately 43°C to that of the firm sugaring gel. The gel is applied as a thin layer using a spatula or preferably the Phâro Roll-on Cartridge Heater and is then removed with the unique Phâro Hydro-Entangled Strip. The coverage of this sugaring gel when applied with the roller is exceptional and is probably the most popular form of sugaring as it is quick to apply and very cost effective.

To minimize the cost of having the heaters on continuously the gel (in the pot or cartridge) can be pre-warmed in a microwave before being put into the Pot Warmer or Roller.


Best of all the clean up after sugaring is as simple as washing off in warm water.

The Phâro Warm Gel is ideally suited for removal of hair from the legs, arms, back and for facial hair.

Phâro Firm Gel

  • Use for underarms, bikini line, eyebrows and removal of stubborn hair
  • Spatula application

The Phâro Firm Gel has a slightly higher working temperature of approximately 47°C and is formulated to remove strong stubborn hair growth. Using a spatula, the sugaring gel is applied in a thicker amount than the warm gel. This gel is used mainly for small areas such as brazilians, the bikini line, eyebrows, underarms and any areas where stubborn hair growth is found; it is a very effective on short hairs.

The hair on the chest of men may require the use of the firm rather than the warm gel.

As with all Phâro Sugaring Gels, clean up is simply a matter of washing off in warm water.