Argiletz French Green Clay Mask

Eco Spa Argiletz French Green Clay Mask is a pure product that helps detoxify and improve the appearance of the skin. Argiletz® superfine green clay, exceptionally rich in minerals, is a fine clay powder of about 60 microns. This mask is a special blend of green clay, neem, rose and cucumber which will cleanse and close pores after hair removal. Neem is a natural antiseptic that soothes skin and heals eruptions like pimples and blackheads. It restores the skin’s natural oil balance and also stops scaling. Eco Spa Rose Floral Water tones and revitalises the skin, giving a cooling and refreshing effect making the skin supple and youthful. Cucumber is a natural cleanser and moisturiser which cools and nourishes the skin. It removes dead skin cells and is effective for dark circles around the eye area. The key purpose of this unique mask blend is to draw out impurities and excess oils and reduce bacterial activity on the skin.

Size: 500g