Metabolic Booster Rose Massage Oil

Eco Spa Metabolic Booster Rose Massage Oil is a blend of vegetable oils with an environmentally friendly vegetable derived dispersant blended with Fucus vesiculosus. Known by the common name of
Bladderwrack, this form of kelp (seaweed) is a nourishing tonic for the skin. Bladderwrack is found on the coasts of the North Sea, the western Baltic Sea, and the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and has been used medicinally for centuries.

The main use of the herb has been for the treatment of cellulite. The high iodine content of the herb stimulates thyroid function which boosts metabolism. A nourishing tonic for cellulite with tiredness and dry skin, Bladderwrack also appears to assist in the problem of lipid balance associated with obesity, and where obesity is associated with thyroid dysfunction, this herb may help to reduce excess weight.

Essential Oil of Rose has antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral properties, making it ideal to topically treat ailments including abrasions, burns and skin conditions.

Available in the following sizes: 200ml & 500ml