Phâro Salon Sugaring vs Waxing

Phâro: Natural sugaring formulation made in New Zealand with no resins or chemicals.

Waxing: All waxes including so called “sugar wax” contain resins that stick to the skin and cause more bruising, redness and pain when lifting off.

Phâro: Easiest and most eco friendly clean up. The sugaring gel simply washes off in warm water. No need to spend hours and / or money cleaning equipment and tabletops.

Waxing: Very messy to clean up requiring chemical solvents that add to the time and cost of the treatment. The solvents are harsh on the skin, a tan, the therapist and the environment.

Phâro: Economical. Because the sugaring gel goes on extremely thin, it typically does between two and four times larger area than an equivalent amount of wax.

Waxing: Goes on much thicker and coverage is significantly less than the Sugaring Gel.

Phâro: Applied warm so cannot cause burning if applied correctly. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Waxing: Applied hot. Can cause significant discomfort and bruising to sensitive skin.

Phâro: Sugaring will not remove natural tan.

Waxing: Waxes remove more than hair – they adhere to the skin and can lift off that fine layer of tanned skin. Furthermore, the solvents used to clean off the wax from the skin can damage the tan.

Phâro: Sugaring has up to 75% less discomfort compared to waxing.

Waxing: The pain associated with waxing results from the fact that it adheres to the skin and hair and the skin is pulled when the waxing strip is lifted off.

Phâro: Skin is left soft, clean and smooth even without any post hair removal treatment.

Waxing: Skin is usually left red and irritated for some period of time from the action of waxing and the chemicals used.

Phâro: Luxurious. Our sugaring products contain Manuka Honey, and are rich in protein minerals and vitamins with antibacterial properties to protect and heal sensitive skin. The captivating sweet fragrance of Manuka honey adds a new dimension to the sugaring hair removal experience. In addition the gel contains the skin enhancers kiwifruit, aloe vera and lemon juice.