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Training Sessions for Phâro Sugaring Waxing

Do you want to learn or refine your sugar waxing, makeup, tanning, facials or massage techniques? Or do you want to specialise in organic skin care? Book in now for one of our training sessions. Training will be conducted hands on at the salon or for distance learning via webinar, over 1 or 3 hour segments (you will need to arrange a model for your training). Costs NZ$120.00 / 1hr and NZ$250.00 / 3hrs (Prices excl GST). We have training centres throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Here is just one testimony from one of our Phâro Salons on how she accredits Phâro sugaring to the growth of her business. Book and find out how Phâro sugaring waxing can make a difference to your business too.

“I heard about Phâro and sugaring from a fellow beauty therapist during skincare training. Her comments were that it was effective but also particularly good for facial and bikini waxing as the heat was less than that of normal waxing and also the sugaring technique adhered more to the hair and less to the skin, causing less trauma.”

“This really hit a chord with me as fragile capillary skins often present themselves and any added trauma to the skin is something that I have wanted to limit as much as possible.”

“Since taking on sugaring in my clinic I have had more success in obtaining more new clients than I have through any other forms of advertising or promotions. On asking clients how they found me, 90% have been due to their need to find someone in Christchurch who offers sugaring or for a more ‘natural’ alternative to hair removal.”

“Even though a little training has been required in order to correctly perform the sugaring technique, it has been well worth it and I recommend other therapist get on board. There are so many clients that love sugaring, and they will source you out and be loyal if you offer this service!”



  • Sydney
  • Brisbane
  • Melbourne
  • Perth
  • Adelaide

New Zealand

  • Auckland
  • Hamilton
  • Tauranga
  • Wellington
  • Christchurch
  • Nelson
  • Invercargill
  • Dunedin

Extensive Hair Removal Course including Brazilian Training

$1500.00 / 15 hrs (includes $520.60 worth of product). Prices excl GST.

1 x mobile kit bag, 1 x Getting Started with Sugaring DVD, 1 x pot warmer heater, 1 x antibacterial Phâro wipes, 1 x pre treatment cleanser / toner (500mls), 1 x Phâro Apres sugaring mist (200 ml) , 1 x boxes of strips (500), 1 x pack eyebrow applicator (100), 1 x pack reusable plastic spatulas (25), 2 x 700g firm gel pot, 1 x 700g warm gel pot, 1 x disposable black latex gloves (100), 1 x cartridge heater, 1 x pack of cartridges and 1 x pack of roller heads.

At the conclusion you will be awarded two certificates: Phâro Sugaring Certificate and the Phâro Brazilian Sugaring Certificate.


Webinars will be conducted regularly via the web, information on these will be available on this site.